Equipping leaders to pursue God’s purpose for their lives, and in many cases to serve in other areas of our work, is one of the most important aspects of what we do. These leaders can relate to the issues the children and young people face because they have grown up facing the same issues. They are the most effective role-models, coaches, Uncles and Aunties, and mentors in our programmes. Because of this we have weekly contact with our young leaders to keep investing in them as they invest in the rest of the work.

One of the main tools we use for equipping young (and not so young) leaders is the Foundations course.

“Foundations”, a course that has been developed over the past 50 years on the front line of community based mission. The course comprises of three interweaving “streams” that knit together as trainers and participants dialogue together around the core questions of:


Who would Benefit from the Foundations Course?
The course was designed by Mal Garvin in Australia in the 1960’s and 1970’s, initially to help people with no church background as they responded to Fusion’s ministry in some tough communities. The course was designed to help these people develop practical understanding and tools for their growth, helping them become more spiritually anchored, more socially aware, and better equipped to impact the world around them. Refined over the years, the course has a unique ability to help people understand and integrate their faith in a way that empowers them to pursue God’s purpose for them and their communities. Foundations is useful for anyone at any stage in their faith walk who is seeking to grow, and be engaged in ministry to others.What Topics does the Foundations Course Examine?
Living with God:
This stream traces some of the major themes of the Biblical narrative, in a way that helps make more sense of life. It also examines the process of discerning between God’s truth and other agendas, how we stay connected to God in a world that tries to drag our attention away, and how we stay focused on what is truly valuable.

Living with others:
This stream faces the reality that people can be challenging! It helps participants become more aware of some of the dynamics in relationships and in groups. It includes skills such as becoming a better listener, and giving feedback in a way that can help others grow, and engages with issues in working co-operatively with others.

Living with yourself:
This stream helps us examine the nature of our own souls. It looks at how we develop the ideas we have of ourselves, and to what extent we can trust them. It looks at practical realities of being human, our physical make-up, hormones and other chemical responses, and how they impact us. It looks at developing habits that serve our growth, and how we navigate powerful forces like our sexuality. This stream will challenge you to grow in your self-awareness to become more of whom God has made you to be.

Comments from previous Participants:
“A profoundly liberating and enlightening course that is firmly based on the Bible” – Church Pastor

“Foundations takes things you already know and presents it in a way you never thought of; making it more tangible. This course overall has awakened my dead soul and made it alive again.” Student – 27.

“Foundations is like a stepping stone, it helps you focus your life and live it with God. Every lesson relates to my life!”  Student – 19

“The course was a very humbling one to me. It allowed me to see that Christianity is a more practical, simple way of life than something that needs to be clouded by the complexity of high theology.” Insurance Salesperson  – 52