There are five encouraging short stories in the audio update this time. You can listen to them here (10 min 45 secs in total):

In the first story, I mention the young people coming out to help with cleaning up the centre, and you can see a video of them doing that here.

In the fifth story, I mention Indie, who is in the photo for this post (on the left, working hard at one of the food package distributions for the elderly). When I heard that she had recently been baptised I got in touch with her, and she replied with this message below, and gave me permission to share it here:

“Oh yes! It worth it Uncle David … I did it (got baptised) and I’m happy I did!! The best is yet to come and I’m staying with “Him”. I know trials an temptation will come and it even start hitting me, but I’m staying with His words … I am now learning how to forgive all who hurt me just as how he has forgiven me.” – Indie

What a joy to read that message!

All the stories I told here are connected to prayer, and our next prayer time on zoom will be at 7am (Jamaican time, noon GMT) on Saturday December 2nd. If you haven’t received the details yet you can ask me for them by e-mail.

Thanks again for standing with us, and many blessings.