Team & Volunteers

We work through a community of volunteers, including many of the young people themselves, while working in partnership with local churches, community members, parents and members of staff from schools and other community organisations.

Fusion Jamaica is a grass roots family of youth and community workers, committed to the long-term process of development in young people and their communities.

Our work is focussed in Kingston’s inner-city communities of Trench Town and Denham Town, though we also assist in other communities through partnering.

The communities in which we work have a high percentage of children and a low percentage of stable families. Educational achievement is low and unemployment and poverty are high. Some statistics from Social Development Studies demonstrate this:

  • 33.6% of the population is under the age of 15
  • 87% of children are born outside of marriage
  • Over 61% of households have no father figure in them
  • 50% of household heads have only primary or elementary education
  • 50% of men 12-65 years of age are unemployed
  • The majority of community residents earn minimum wage or less.

Fusion’s team of youth and community workers helps children and young people in these communities to find belonging, be encouraged to grow, and together serve their community.​