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This appeal video introduces Fusion Jamaica’s work in Trench Town.

The difference you are making …

“You’ll be fine Miss.”

We don’t know what caused the fresh scar on the boy’s neck, and now that it is there, nothing can be done to reverse what happened … but this boy, like all of us, is more than just the sum of his experiences. He had been referred by his school for Restorative Play...

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I told a story in my last update of a moment when some young men had turned up unexpectedly at youth club a few weeks ago, were behaving in a negative way and refusing to leave, and then when Adrian gently escorted the ringleader to the door ... the young man...

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It’s one thing to know, it’s another thing to go

“So I gently escorted this teenaged lad to the door … and on the way he said; ‘I’ll shoot you!’” This was how Adrian concluded telling me about an incident that took place at the Junior Youth Programme last week, when we met on Skype a few days after it happened. What...

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