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Our next Foundations course starts on the 20th October 2018 and the schedule can be found here.  The course is now open for registration!

This appeal video introduces Fusion Jamaica’s work in Trench Town.

The difference you are making …

As much as they wanted

At the end of my last update there were just two sentences talking about the fact that we were hoping to raise $2,000 USD for our back to school fundraiser this year to help families in the inner city. The background to this is that we have been doing a back to school...

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Through, not around

I wrote the short reflection below in our Fusion Jamaica WhatsApp prayer group about two weeks ago … and I am (mostly) glad that I did! So I will let you read the reflection and then tell a little bit of the story of the last two weeks. “There they strengthened the...

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He tricked us … because he wanted to kill us!

“He tricked us … because he wanted to kill us!” It was 4am and the young people had hiked for 2 hours the day before, up a very steep climb to where we had made a fire, cooked our dinner and camped for the night. We had then woken at 2am, to keep hiking up in time to...

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