One of the ways that we work to equip people in living out their faith is through a course called “Foundations”. The next course will be online, starting on 23rd January 2021.  Registration is now open!

Comments from previous participants:

“Foundations takes things you already know and presents it in a way you never thought of; making it more tangible. This course overall has awakened my dead soul and made it alive again.” Student – 27.

“Foundations is like a stepping stone, it helps you focus your life and live it with God. Every lesson relates to my life!”  Student – 19

“The course was a very humbling one to me. It allowed me to see that Christianity is a more practical, simple way of life than something that needs to be clouded by the complexity of high theology.” Insurance Salesperson  – 52

“A profoundly liberating and enlightening course that is firmly based on the Bible” – Church Pastor