Our Vision & Values

Simply put, our vision is to see young people and their communities discover their God given purpose, and pursue it with integrity.

This video tells the story of vision our in context:

· We value a loving relationship with Christ above all else, as the primary means of personal change is having our character more deeply integrated with Christ’s through his living presence in us.

· We seek to influence our world to better reflect the values Justice, Mercy and Compassion.

· We value reconciliation, so are committed to taking a leading role in helping build bridges between people, organisations and communities.

· We value authentic communication, transparency and accountability.

· We value empathy, seeking to understand others in a spirit of grace and acceptance.

· We seek to impart Christ’s values and principles to young people firstly by leading through example, but also by building the structures and disciplines that help them adopt these values and principles as their own.

· We value sustainability, investing the effort and energy for long term growth, rather than settling for quick but unsustainable results.

· We value both action and reflection, recognising that they are both critical for personal and communal growth.

· We value responsible autonomy, so we encourage volunteers, young people, parents, community members, supporters and our staff to make positive and informed personal choices.