Community Work

Community Festivals:5-Festival 3

Community Festivals are run around three times per year in our communities, and serve to bring the community together. The children and young people run many of the activities (like face painting, balloon sculpting, community
building games etc.) as well as preparing performances. With the children of the community itself working together, performing and serving as the ‘main attraction’ of these events, the wider community gets to see and appreciate their own young people in a new way. This reinforces the positive impact in the young people, as well as being a very powerful way of communicating hope to the wider community.

Service Projects:4-YF Painting 4
Service projects are when the young people work together to serve their community by cleaning up public spaces
or going into the houses of the elderly to redecorate their homes for them. These teach the young people important skills as well as once again reinforcing the appreciation for the next generation felt by the community.


Advent Pageants:
Each year in December, children in Fusion’s programmes prepare craft gifts and cards to give away to people in their community. They dress up to re-enact the Christmas story and then process through the streets of their community giving out their gifts.