Child Parent Relationship Training

CPRT is training in some of the skills of play therapy for parents and others who work with children. It is a 10 unit course that will be delivered over 5 sessions (each session covering two units).

CPRT will run from Tuesday April 2ndSaturday April 6th, from 9am12 each day. 

Participants will also need to conduct “Restorative Play Times” with children in between training sessions, which are how the training is put into practice, C.P.R.T. can not be completed unless participants are conducting a minimum of 3 Play Times over the duration of the training. 

Fusion Jamaica will be facilitating “Restorative Play Times” with children in the inner-city community of Trench Town over 5 afternoons while C.P.R.T. is running. at 1pm to 2pm each day. Participants may volunteer to facilitate these Play Times with Fusion Jamaica in order to assist these children and also to complete C.P.R.T., alternatively; participants must facilitate Restorative Play Times with their own children, or other children they are working with. All applicants will need to provide references and for applicants who volunteer to do the Play Times with Fusion Jamaica, they will be sent our child protection policy and must agree to abide by it.

If you are able to attend the times listed above, and commit to conducting “Restorative Play Times” while the training is happening, please register online here.