Fusion Jamaica

Bringing young people and their communities together with hope
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Person to person

There is something we can’t see and are struggling to understand, but it is changing everything. It is spreading from person to person, from one community to the next, from one nation to another. It is unsettling … but in this case … it is the best thing that has ever...

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Trained to A.C.T.

The seventeen year old girl sat on the floor, with her elbows resting on her knees, and both hands holding the back of her slumped head. She didn’t respond to anything I said as I asked her about the incident that had just happened with her mother. Then, all of a...

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your pain will turn into joy

One child, one set of toys laid out on a mat, one trained adult giving undivided attention while the child decides how to play, a bit of quiet space, and 30 minutes of time … these are all the resources needed to run a Restorative Play Time. Through the group of...

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This appeal video from 2017 captures a bit of the story of Fusion Jamaica: