Reading Olympians Programme

About the Programme:


The purpose of the Reading Olympians Programme is simple: to help children with their reading.


The resources needed are:

1) A pen

2) A “Toe by Toe” manual (provided by Fusion Jamaica)

3) A committed Reading Coach


Training will be provided for each coach, so they know how to help the child progress through the manual.


The coach will need to

– Spend 20 to 30 minutes with a child, between 3 and 5 times every week (until the child can read well).

– Keep in touch with a Reading Coordinator about the progress of the child they are coaching.

– Read, understand and agree to the child protection policy (below).

– Attend the programme launch, and Reading Olympian meetings once per month.


Child Protection Policies

– No coach is to be alone with a child at any time (unless the coach is a parent or immediate family member).

– Reading sessions are to take place in family areas (the yard, veranda, kitchen or living room) where the coach and child are in within visual contact of other family members.

– Touch between volunteer team members and children must be appropriate at all times; i.e. no full body hugs, no sitting children on a coaches lap.

– Children must not be physically disciplined or forcefully touched by any coach.

– Coaches must not meet with children unless they have the consent of the child’s parents.

– Coaches must not transport children in private vehicles, and any transportation requires specific written permission from parents.

– Suspected physical, emotional or sexual abuse of children, or neglect of children must be reported discreetly and promptly to Fusion Staff who will then take appropriate action.