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Stepping out

For several weeks now we have been taking bags of groceries to each household around the Dream Centre in West Kingston, going street by street, taking 50 bags at a time, and offering to pray for each family. In order to stretch the funds as far as possible we have...

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Faith expressing itself through love

I had heard about Romario before I met him. It was just over ten years ago, and our team had started a new Kids Club a few weeks before at a church near Romario’s community. Liz was overseeing the team, and when she got home one afternoon she told me the story of...

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Person to person

There is something we can’t see and are struggling to understand, but it is changing everything. It is spreading from person to person, from one community to the next, from one nation to another. It is unsettling … but in this case … it is the best thing that has ever...

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