Last weekend four young men from our youth programme were interviewed on a radio show, and afterwards the presenter sent me an e-mail about his time with them. In it he wrote:

“David, I so appreciate after rapping with these young men from Fusion youth club, the work you are doing. These boys between 15 – 18 are confident, respectful, appreciative, thoughtful….wow. A pastor I know started to contemplate the issues of male mentorship within traditional Jamaican church structures some time ago. You’re doing the work with these kids, bro. Hope arises in my heart. We had an interest time afterwards discussing their family aspirations. I was impressed. Very candid talk. All expressed high value and expectations for marriage and fatherhood.  Also interestingly, they expressed respect for the increasing amount of girls at school who chant “No ring? No thing!” That is one different generation! Be encouraged my brother. You are changing the face of the future.”

was encouraged by his words and have shared them with some others on the team who were also encouraged. I hope you find them encouraging too.