The primary strategy of heaven is relationship, and the Kingdom of God moves at the speed of relationship.” Steve and Esther Uppal

Over the years, Fusion’s programmes with children and youth in the inner city have adapted many times and seen many changes. What hasn’t changed is the conviction, behind all the activities, that the key to making a lasting difference is relationship.

There is the ongoing relationship with God through prayer at every step, and this undergirds the relationships the team share as a community, and then all the relationships with the people we reach out to, and walk alongside.

The new leadership team is keeping this in focus, and in the photos below, you can see the kids club team at a training meeting last Sunday, as they learn about the relational values that are central to how we work, and how we handle discipline and duty of care from that perspective. More than half of the team started their relationship with the Fusion Team as a club participant. Whether as a child in Kids Club or a young person in the youth clubs, they have been impacted through those relationships and are now part of the community that is helping make clubs happen for other children and young people.

Team training afternoon